March 11, 1997

What does the “://” in a URL mean?

Question: What does the “://” in a URL mean? I understand the “http” and thedomain name, but there must be a reason for the “://”. Answer: Actually its not “://”

Can I do a “binary dump” using Perl?

Question: Can I do a “binary dump” using PERL? Meaning, can I “compile” a PERL script to binary form? If this is possible, I would greatly appreciate some “how to.”

How do I get the information back to me?

Question: I have completed my form but cannot figure out how to get theinformation sent back to me. In other words, when someone clicks SUBMITthey get an error message! I

Using interlaced GIFs as buttons in a form

Question: I want to create ‘back’ and ‘exit’ buttons that look the same as the’submit’ and ‘reset’ buttons that are in the &#060FORMS&#062 commands,and place them all together in a