March 20, 1997

Creating Applet to Ping IP Address

Question: I would like to create a very simple applet that pings anIP address and returns a message stating whether that IP is alive. Icouldn’t find any straightforward answers to

Creating a Dialog Box

Question: I’ve been to sites where dialog boxes appear. How can I create one?I also want to ask users for their names, and then to be able to tell how

How do I implement classic algorithms in C?

Question: Where can I find algorithms and data structures, techniques and programs that will better show me how they can be implemented using ANSI C? Other areas include Hashing, Heaps,

Creating TextField to Handle Passwords

Question: How do I create a TextField that handles a password?What are the KEY_ACTION events associated with it? Answer: The setEchoCharacter() method within the TextField class allows youto do precisely

Using Java to Control System Functions

Question: I would like to be able to browse my server and havean applet/program that would mimic the functions of,say, the control panel on a Macintosh.Would I needto write a