March 21, 1997

repaint() and Consecutive Lines

Question: My applet draws lines. I click at the place where I want my line to start and then I click at the end of it. It draws a line

Can’t change Blaze table structures

Question: I’m using an evaluation copy of OPO for the Mac. After I create a table, I go into the table structure window to try and change the table structure

Difference Between Instance and Object

Question: I am 14 years old and a new Java programmer. I would like to know the difference betweenan instance and an object.I am learning Java from the book Teach

When to use Access vs. VB

Question: I mainly do database applications and I am currently working on a project that will become very big. I have been trying to find any references to comparisons between

Windows95 printing error

Question: When I attempt to preview a report in OPO under Windows95, I get an error: WFW-03049: Internal buffer too small for printer port name Is this an OPO or

How can I add text to the graphs control

Question: I’m building some process control software and I need to addlabels, such as Upper Control Limit (UCL), into my chart. Answer: The graph control was added to PowerBuilder in

Reading Text File From Server

Question: I know I can’t read files from a local machine through my browser, but I can’t seem to read a file off my originating server either. There’s a way