March 27, 1997

What’s the C++ Equivalent to _getch()?

Question: What is the C++ equivalent to _getch()? I need to have program control immediately after any keypress in a DOS-based program. Answer: Unfortunately there is no specification in the

How to turn text string into Integer

Question: How can I turn a text string into an integer? Answer: You can convert a string to an integer by using the atoi function. For example:void foo (){int i

String handling in C++

Question: What is the best way to manipulate strings in C++? Answer: Here is an example.#include void foo (char *instring){ // Declare char array big enough to read in input

How to do large scalar math

Question: How can one do 64-bit or larger math calculations in C++? Do you know of a free class or class library that supports large scalar math? Answer: There are

Copy constructors

Question: I have a class with multiple parents. In my copy constructor, should I invoke the parents’ copy constructor or their default constructor? Answer: In all but the rarest of