April 11, 1997

Network printer or shared local printer: Which is better?

Question: Please compare (in terms of advantages and disadvantages) the networked printer (with a network card) and the shared local printer (connected to one of the workstations). My hunch is that the networked one costs more due to the network card, while the local shared printer penalizes the workstation processor

Creating a report/file of info about each LAN user

Question: I’ve inherited responsibility for a NetWare 3.11 LAN with 200+ users. How can I create a report/file that will provide me detailed information regarding each user, which groups he/she belongs to, and which access privileges each user has? Answer: There is a particularly simple process I have used in

Connecting two office computers via Ethernet 10BaseT without concentrator

Question: I want to connect two office computers together temporarily via Ethernet 10BaseT without a concentrator. I believe I use the 1, 2, 3 and 6 wires in an eight-wire TP cable. If this is correct, what are the pin assignments in the alternate RJ-45 ends? Answer: For 10BaseT Ethernet,

How to disable Ethernet side of Ethernet/28.8 PC card

Question: Using a dual Ethernet/28.8 PC card in an NT 4.0 portable, there doesn’t appear to be a way to disable the Ethernet side of the card while leaving the 28.8 operational. Because of this, NT 4.0 spends a great deal of time (about a minute) trying to use the

What is the anatomy of an IP datagram?

Question: What is the anatomy of an IP datagram? Answer: The minimum length of the IP header is 20 bytes.Version:Four bits are reserved for the IP version information. We are currently at Version 4.Length:This four-bit field specifies the length of the IP header as counted in 32-bit quantities.Type of Service:An

How to configure Novell NetWare 4.0 to run on Windows 95

Question: How can I configure NetWare Admin (Novell NetWare 4.0) to run on Windows 95? Answer: To use NetWare Admin for Windows 95 the following steps are required:Install a client for Novell NetWare such as Client 32 from Novell or Microsoft’s client.Connect to the NetWare server and map a drive