April 14, 1997

Load order of graphic images

Question: I’m concerned about the order in which images I use on a site are loaded. Specifically, I want toload certain images before others. Any ideas? Answer: There are three ways I can think of for tackling your problem: Since your browser reads an HTML file from top to bottom

Creating a pull-down menu

Question: I am trying to create a pull-down menu for my Web page, and it is not working. Answer: The syntax for creating a pull-down menu is as follows:Pull-down Menu: No items Item 1 Item 2 Item 3 Item 4 Pull-down Menu: No items Item 1 Item 2 Item 3

What are virtual LANs and how do they function?

Question: What are virtual LANs and how do they function? Answer: Virtual LANs, as the name indicates, are software-defined groups of localarea network nodes. These nodes are comprised of workstations, servers,printers, etc. Creating these virtual groupings of nodes offers manyadvantages, such as advanced security, greater control and ease ofadministration.According to

Turn-around time for answers from the Web Pro

Question: I submitted a question last week about a problem I was having concerning the correct display of link colors on my home page. How long does it usually take to receive answers? Should I just sit tight because the answer will be coming or should I re-submit my question?

How to run a HTML program

Question: I have written code in HTML to create my personal home page. How do I execute it? Answer: HTML is not a programming language, so it will not execute. If you have a document that is formatted in HTML and you would like toview it, I recommend opening it