April 14, 1997

How to run a HTML program

Question: I have written code in HTML to create my personal home page. How do I execute it? Answer: HTML is not a programming language, so it will not execute.

What are virtual LANs and how do they function?

Question: What are virtual LANs and how do they function? Answer: Virtual LANs, as the name indicates, are software-defined groups of localarea network nodes. These nodes are comprised of workstations,

Creating a pull-down menu

Question: I am trying to create a pull-down menu for my Web page, and it is not working. Answer: The syntax for creating a pull-down menu is as follows:Pull-down Menu:

Load order of graphic images

Question: I’m concerned about the order in which images I use on a site are loaded. Specifically, I want toload certain images before others. Any ideas? Answer: There are three