April 15, 1997

Using TCP/IP on AS/400 midrange system

Question: Using TCP/IP on AS/400 midrange system Answer: The AS/400 midrange system with the V3R1 release of its operating system,OS/400, provides a means to implement TCP/IP as a communications protocol.Achieving

Netware Audits

Question: How do I utilize Novell’s auditing features to audit various events on a NetWare 4.x server? Answer: The auditing features are available via the auditcon command in Novell4.x. This

How to make Netware queues available on UNIX

Question: We have a mixed UNIX/NetWare environment. How can we make our Netware queues available on UNIX? Answer: You’ll need the NetWare/IP product from Novell. This will let you configure

How does Frame Relay compare with X.25?

Question: How does Frame Relay compare with X.25? Answer: X.25 is a packet-switched technology, which implies that data is transmitted inunits called packets. In many ways, X.25 can be considered

Connecting two nodes without a hub

Question: Is it possible to connect two nodes without a hub? If so, what type of cable do I need? Answer: Yes, it is possible. You need a “cross-over 10BaseT