April 15, 1997

How will the addition of new devices affect TCP/IP performance?

Question: I am looking for performance information regarding TCP/IP. I have 13 devices connected to a host. Assuming a constant packet rate and frame size, how will the addition of new devices affect the performance of my system? Answer: This is a classic scenario that faces many network engineers and

Writing Netware programs/NLMs

Question: Where can I find information on how to write a program that is going to run on a Novell 3.x or 4.x server? Can you install an EXE and run it on the server? Answer: Programs that run on Novell 3.x or 4.x servers have to be Netware Loadable

How to learn LAN basics

Question: I want to learn about the basics of local area networks. Where do I start? Answer: Your best bet is to get yourself some books that deal with the basics. These should be available at your local book store. Also, the Web is an unparalleled resource. Just use one

Netscape and directory services

Question: Does Netscape offer any special integration with Novell NDS? If so, how can I take advantage of it? Also, is there a way to monitor my Novell 4.x server from the Internet? Answer: Here’s a tip: If you have a Novell 4.1 shop, you can install Novell’s latest Web

How can I fix the problem if a user forgets a password?

Question: On a NetWare LAN, encrypted passwords are used. If a user forgetsa password, is there a way for me to view the password? Answer: Log in with supervisor equivalence, or as someone who has theability to manage the user’s account. Reset the password to a knownstring, then put the

Assessing LAN reliability

Question: I need to make a recommendation to a firm. There are upwards of 50 computer controllers and each must be guaranteed of sending at least one message every minute. The network must also be extremely reliable, because any interruption to it will result in lost production. I must also

Fast Ethernet

Question: What are the various flavors of “Fast Ethernet” and how do they work? Answer: “Fast Ethernet” refers to 100 Mbps Ethernet networks. Fast Ethernet provides 10 times the bandwidth of traditional 10 Mbps networks. There are two main schools in fast Ethernet territory: 100Base-X and 100VG-AnyLAN.100Base-X requires Category 5

How to share a CD-ROM volume on a NetWare server

Question: How can I share a CD-ROM volume on a NetWare server? Answer: Configuring, installing and sharing a CD-ROM volume on a Novell NetWare fileserver is done by a loading a series of NLMs on the server. Before you can use CD-ROMs, your file server should come equipped with aCD-ROM

Dial-up Access from Windows

Question: We have notebooks running Windows for Workgroups at location A that need to be able to dial up location B and run a DOS application on a PC. We also need computers at the same location to be able to talk to each other. Should we use Windows 95

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