April 22, 1997

Sharing Text Between Applications

Question: How can I get text selected in an application, say notepad into a vb text box in my application. Then, what about the reverse: if i have text in a text box (i want to use all of it (i.e. not selected) how can I get it to paste

Editing Win95 Registry

Question: Is there any way of editing the Win95 Registry other than exporting it to a text file?. If not, how can I quickly change the registry ie. When exported my registry takes up over 1.3mb and using INPUT to find the data I want takes ages, is there any

Spell checker

Question: Is there a shareware or vbx that can be implemented to check the spelling of a text box field? Answer: If you know the machine you are running your program on has Microsoft Word,you can use Word to do your spell checking. By creating an object of typeWord.Basic, you


Question: When I try to cutomize controls, I got a error message says “Object Serve Not Correctly Registered”. Following my friend’s opinion, I used the regocx32.exe in c:program filesmicrosoft visual basicsetup directory. I tried to find all the *.ocx and registered them using regocx32 *.ocx, but I still got the

Is there a Mac-based modeler that outputs VRML?

Question: Is there a Mac-based modeler that outputs VRML? Answer: Yes, ModelShop from Electric Cafe can output VRML 1.0 from its version2.5 software (a VRML 2.0 version is coming soon). It can also handle import andexport of DXF and 3DMF files. It’s available for Power Macs or compatibles withCD-ROM and

Creating Office 97 Toolbars

Question: Is it possible to create toolbars like such inOffice 97 in Visual Basic 4/5 ? Answer: Take a look at the In Depth section at Ask the VB Pro. There is an articleon using the Toolbar control in Visual Basic 4.0. It is basically the same to do it

Visual Basic Fonts

Question: I wrote an application in VB4.0 (16 bit) anddistributed it to a few friends. I then madesome changes to the Font property on a few of theforms and make a new .EXE file. When I sent the.EXE file only to my friends, they said thefonts did not change. Do

Using Control Collections

Question: I created a collection of textbox controls within the same form, using the usual copy option from the edit menu. This collection seems Ok.I try to set properties for these textboxes with a For Each loop in the Form_Load() event for the same form.This gives an error message that

How to Send to the Printer

Question: I am very new to Visual Basic and have just run this simple program:For x = 1 to 10Print xNext xEndThis produces a list of numbers from 1 to 10. I would like to know how to print out this list. I have a HP Deskjet 693C printer. Answer:

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