April 24, 1997

Commenting Code Automatically

Question: I feel dumb.Is there a way to block comment code in VB?I searched high and low for the answer, but it has escaped me. Answer: Don’t feel dumb…this was

Runtimes in Visual Basic 5.0

Question: I read an article on another VB site dated 3/28/97 that stated that the executables created by VB 5.0 would still require a runtime dll (vbrun500.dll or something like

VB5 Enterprise Animation Control

Question: I just got a copy of VB5 Enterprise. In the books on line it talks about the Animation Control. The control is to be used for silent AVI Files.

How to get VB to change hex code

Question: I need to change one offset value in a binary file. How can I read the file with Visual Basic? Answer: I would recommend loading the file into an