May 2, 1997

Constructor with static members in library

Question: Background: Digital UNIX 3.2g, Alpha platform, latest GNU.From the FAQ, I know that you are supposed to declare static member variables externally from the declaration and inonly one place.

Inherited operator = not being seen

Question: I have a templated class A that defines two operator =, and a templated class B : public class A which should inherit the two virtual a::operator = I

C++ Program Performance Monitor

Question: Do you know of a good tool for getting performance data on a pure C++ program?I need a tool that indicates sections of code thatuse the most CPU/memory, etc.

Memory re-allocation

Question: Is there a standard method/operator in C++ analogous to standard C’s realloc() function that enables resizing of dynamic memory allocated by new operator? Answer: There is no standard call