June 3, 1997

NetWare Directory Maps

Question: What are directory maps and how can I use them? Answer: Directory maps are an exciting new feature with IntranetWare 4.11 that allow users to map server directories effortlessly,

Remote Access to NetWare

Question: How can I access my Novell NetWare file server via FTP? Answer: FTP Services is included with Novell’s IntranetWare 4.11 network operating system. Running an FTP server allows wide-ranging

List boxes: Default values

Question: In a pop-up list, how do you get the value associated with the default value to appear in the listbox before clicking on the field? For example, I have

Loading text before images

Question: How can my browser load text before images? Answer: If you define the dimensions of all of the images that you are calling (i.e.) your browser will display thetext