June 9, 1997

Documenting the contents of a .PBL file

Question: Is there a third-party tool (or a functionalitynative to PB) with which I can print the *entire*contents of a .PBL file, preferablyin a way that’s meaningful? I have in mindsomething akin to theDatabase Documenter in Microsoft Access. Being aC++ type, I want a set ofprintouts that accurately, completely andmeaningfully

How to stop date (user function) from recalculating

Question: I have created a function that will retrieve the current date and time, and put it in the heading of all my reports. We store our reports as blobs in an Oracle database so the user can retrieve a prior report for research, but when a prior report is

Parse string to float or double

Question: Is there a command Float.parseNumbers(s) that returns a float? Answer: Sure, parseInt(s) is simply: Integer temp = Integer.valueOf(s); int x = temp.intValue();which has an equivalent for floats Float temp = Float.valueOf(s); float x = temp.floatValue();which can be written as a single linefloat x = Float.valueOf(s).floatValue();

Help! Tab order is 0 and cursor is still active.

Question: My problem is that the SLE and Edit mask fields can be clicked and the cursor is active, even though: The window has a Tab object, and SLE and Edit Mask are mounted on it.The SLE and Edit Mask properties are display-only, enabled, visible, and the tab order is

How can I create a datawindow from two databases?

Question: I must create a datawindow that has to get data from two databases. I connected to database “A” first and chose some fields from a table. Then I connected to database “B” and chose some fields from a table. It looked OK. However, when I previewed the datawindow, I