July 7, 1997

Data Retrieval to a ListBox

Question: I need to know how to retrieve multiple data and put it in a listbox. This data is also indexed to another database by it customer id. I can

SQL Date/Time Table Selection

Question: I have a database with a field set to Date/Time.My project has a variable that is of type Date.In a text box it displays 04/21/97. I cannot get the

Locking a Form in Position

Question: How do you lock down a form so that when the program is run, you can not move it. What I want to do is have one main form,

VB4 – VB5 Compatibility Issues

Question: I’ve wanted to upgrade my VB4 pro to VB5 ent. for a month or so now, but after monitoring various VB newsgroups for a few weeks I’m glad I

Visual Basic 5.0 VBW Files

Question: I have noticed that each for project I create there is a file with a vbw extension. I found this type file mentioned in VB Help as a Visual

Using Predefined Access Queries

Question: How do you run Access queries in VB? Answer: Queries that you have defined in Access can be opened just like tables,using the OpenRecordset method of the database. If

What do I need?

Question: A new user, no experience, but a self motivator, I need to know if I need a data base program, or is there one included in VB 5. How

Learning VB 5.0

Question: I’m very interested in learning VB for windows. im thinking about getting the professional editionupgrade, but $150 is pretty expensive for me right now. is the learning edition going