July 7, 1997

Data Retrieval to a ListBox

Question: I need to know how to retrieve multiple data and put it in a listbox. This data is also indexed to another database by it customer id. I can

Creating Win 3.1 Applications

Question: Should I upgrade to VB5.0. I currently am using VB4.0 to make a simple program to run on win3.1 and win95. I want to distribute this program on diskette

VB5.0 – Compiling

Question: I have recently created a program in VB5.0 on a WIN 95 system… on that system the program works great. Now I want to make my program accessable on

Licensing of DAO in VB

Question: I intended to use DAO in my application, but I wonder whether is there anylicense issue if I written an application in VB and distributed it orresell it? Answer:

Global Arrays

Question: I have a simple 2 form program with an array spanning both forms (i.e.MyArray(0),..MyArray(3) are on form 1 and MyArray(4),..MyArray(6) are on form 2). How can I declare MyArray

Creating EXE Files with CCE

Question: How do you create EXE files in VB 5.0 CCE? I know that the copy at does not support the creation of EXE files, but I’m hoping that

Migration from VB 4.0 to VB 5.0

Question: I am currently using VB 4.0 Entreprise and will migrate to VB 5.0 Pro at home (I am still using this version at work).I would like to be able

Learning Version 4.0 vs. Version 5.0

Question: I had just started learning VB 4 when VB 5 was released. Is it worthwhile to master VB 4 and then try to understand the differences, or doesVB 5

New Data-Handling Features

Question: What are the improvements of VB5 to VB4, especially as to how to handle the data, data files, database? Answer: Data Files, using features such as Open/Write/Read, are unchanged