July 23, 1997

Writing applet to send info from forms to email address

Question: I am wondering if I can write an applet that will send information from a number of forms to my email address without all the %$= etc. and without using CGI scripts (my server doesn’t allow CGI scripts). Answer: If the SMTP port (25) on your web server hasn’t


Question: When dismissing a dialog, how can I set the focus on the calling form? Is clicking the calling form the only way? Answer: There is a weird bug in Power Objects that I also ran across when creatingexamples for my book, Mastering Oracle Power Objects. I wrote codeto bring

Double-click on edit field

Question: How can I catch a double click when the cursor is placed over an edit field? The normal double-click handler doesn’t respond. I need to open a dialog window following a double click on an edit control. Answer: Well, I have good news and bad news. The bad news

How to structure a database created in Excel

Question: How can I structure a database created in Excel? Answer: If you want to use data in an Excel database with Oracle Power Objects,there is no need to create a separate database, because you can use ODBC toaccess the data in the Excel spreadsheet.If you want to duplicate the


Question: How can I make Delphi 2 pick me any number within a range I specify (for example, between 0 and 100)?I’m guessing this is a fairly easy thing to do, but I couldn’t find it in the manual… Answer: To get Delphi to pick any number within a specific

Problems with database

Question: I am developing a radon database for the Ohio Department of Health with Oracle Power Objects. I have two combo boxes. First a choice is made from one of them, and in the second one, the values change according to that choice. I know Microsoft Access and Developer 2000,

Extending the Object class

Question: I’ve created a method I’d like to put in the Object class so it can be inherited by all the other classes. Is there a way to extend a base class? Answer: Adding features to someone else’s base class would violate the securityrules of any object-oriented language, because you

Transporting Dbases

Question: Can I export or import a Dbase file from OPO 1.016 to another DBMS (Microsoft Access or Visual Basic, for example)? Answer: OPO Version 1 did not support ODBC. Because of this, you could not accessDbase or Access files easily.OPO Version 2 does support ODBC connections, and comes with

Declaring type variables or composite data types

Question: I need to be able to print results of a query to an Excel spreadsheet rather than to a report. I am using the Crystal Reports product included with Oracle Power Objects. However, it clearly states that the Crystal Reports OCX does not work with Windows 3.1, so I

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