July 25, 1997

How to create texture maps that won’t be distorted by geometry

Question: How can I create texture maps (for 3D objects) that don’t get distorted by the geometry? Answer: Use 3D Paint tools. When I want to paint something in the real world, I pick up a brush, dip it in paint and apply it to the object. If I want

Caligari update

Question: What’s happening with Caligari and its VRML tools (trueSpace, VRML, Pioneer, etc.)? Answer: Caligari has rethought its approach to VRML and has integrated the features you may have seen in Pioneer and Pioneer Pro into the latest release of its modeling and animation package, trueSpace 3. (The Pioneers continue

What are the alternatives to VRML?

Question: What are the alternatives to VRML? Answer: There are a variety of proprietary alternatives to VRML available for use over the Internet. Perhaps the best known at the moment is Superscape’s SVR format. Worlds created in this format can be seen on the Virtual World Wide Web accessed via

What is the “second Web”?

Question: What is this “second Web” I keep hearing about? Is it marketing hype, or a new technology? Answer: It’s a mixture of the two. Perhaps inspired (or provoked) by Superscape’s announcement of its Virtual World Wide Web last November, Silicon Graphics (SGI) is now announcing it is working toward