December 3, 1997

Year 2000 Compliance

Question: Is Visual Basic Year 2000 compliant? Answer: All versions of Visual Basic support four digit dates. However, it is up to the programmer to support four digit dates. This means that whenever you build forms to accept dates, make sure you allow the user to enter four digits. This

Retrieving a Drive’s Serial Number

Question: I want to get the serial number from my hard drive and my floppy disk drive. How can I do this? Answer: The GetVolumeInformation API call is used to retrieve information about hard drives, floppy drives, and even CD-ROM drives. Notice how your Windows CD player can recognize which

Crystal Reports 4.5 Can’t Find Report File

Question: When I install my application on another machine other than my own, my application cannot find the report (.RPT) file I want to use. What could be the problem? Answer: There are a few things to check for. First of all, make sure that you are actually installing the