December 23, 1997

Using variable in SQL WHERE clause

Question: How can I use the contents of a text box as the WHERE clause in a SQL query? “SELECT * FROM Table WHERE Field = Text1.Text” doesn’t work. Answer:

Deprecated API

Question: When I compile my applets or applications, the compiler often tells me I’d use a “deprecated API” and that I should recompile with the option “-deprecate”. If I do

Generating Beep

Question: I want to alert the user of my application withan ASCII 7 bell character. When I run the application from a prompt and use System.out.println((char)7) I get the result

Binary Files

Question: I’ve read your article on text files. However I would like to know how one achieves the same functionality with binary files(i.e. How do you read in a binary

Calculating the Records

Question: Can you help me to get a calculated value from many records? A dataset(Paradox table) that I use has an Integer field which is used to put minutes value.

Setting Environment Variables in VB

Question: My 16bit application requires the presence of a DOS environment variable. On startup I check for it. If it does not exist I display an error. I would like

Counting Work Days

Question: I need to calculate the number of workingdays. Is there an easy way to do this? Answer: From what I can see, there is no built-in function to do

Which VB for me?

Question: I wish to create my own Windows program for a kart racing club that we can enter all the drivers for a race meeting, draw a grid for the

ObjectInputStream Constructor

Question: How do I use the socket.getInputStream() with theObjectInputStream? Because the arguement type of the ObjectInputStream constructor is FileInputStream. I like to do something like:remoteIn = new ObjectInputStream(socket.getInputStream()); What should