January 1, 1998

HTML Advanced: Imagemaps

n imagemap is a graphic image with multiple different clickable areas and embedded links. For example, a map with clickable regions is an imagemap. Each region is linked to a

HTML Advanced: Frames

rames let you divide an HTML page into different areas, each displaying different content. If you are using a frames-compatible browser (Netscape Navigator 2.X or IE 3.X or later) you

HTML Basics: Lists

se lists to display numbered steps, bulleted items, or items and their definitions. You can also use lists as a sort of short-cut “cheat” to create a quick indent. Adding

HTML Advanced: Meta Tags

eta tags are not magic, not a cure-all for the search engine blues, and not a secret solution for pulling in data. Meta tags are simply place-holders for storing information

HTML Basics: Introduction to HTML

ypertext Markup Language (HTML) is the basic building block of the World Wide Web page. It uses a pre-defined set of tags to format text, create hyperlinks to other places,

HTML Advanced: Tables

ables let you display your content in rows and columns, either surrounded by borders or with no borders.But tables are much more than neatly arranged items. You can use tables

HTML Advanced: Practice

n the following pages you can try HTML code and see the results of your work. When you see a text box you can click on the “Try It” button

HTML Basics: Backgrounds and Colors

ou can make your site more visually interesting by putting color, texture, or images in the background of your page. You can also select colors for text, links, and visited