February 21, 1998

Conversion Operators

Sometimes, an object must be converted into a built-in type (for instance, a string object passed as an argument to C function such as strcmp()) : //file Mystring.hclass Mystring {

Correct syntax for automatic object instantiation

When you instantiate an automatic object (e.g., on the stack) using its default constructor, mind that the correct syntax is: String str; //correct And not this: String str(); //entirely different

IsA or HasA?

When designing a class hierarchy, you may face a decision between inheritance (aka IsA ) vs. containment (aka HasA) relation. For instance, if you are designing a Radio class, and

A base class destructor should be virtual

If a class may serve as a base class for others, its destructor should be virtual. This ensures RTTI support for objects of this class and objects derived from it,