April 3, 1998

Strange linked list

Question: How can I create a linked list that contains different datatypes? For example: assume that I have Human as a basic class. Man and Woman are two children to this class. How can I make a linked list that contains 10 men and 15 women? Answer: The easiest way

converting ‘char’ to ‘char *’

Question: I am writing a program in which I ask it to enter a name, and I want it to say if it is correct. My problem is that it says that it can’t convert ‘char’ to ‘char *’. I asked a friend, and he said to use a pointer.

WinCE / Access97

Question: Can you design an Access97 application to run on a Windows CE machine? Has this been done? By whom? And finally, do you need to create a runtime version of an Access97 app to run successfully on Windows CE? Is there a standard PS/2 keyboard port in the back

find and replace values loaded in memory

Question: I am trying to write a program that will search memory for a hexadecimal string and replace it with the values hardcoded in my program. It’s a game cheat program that is executed after the game is started. I assume this will work similarly to a virus scanning program

Mainframe connectivity

Question: I am looking for a way to use VB to connect and retrieve information from a VAX mainframe. The computer has a windows 95 emulation terminal program, and I was wondering if I need to use it or whether I can communicate with the VAX directly. How would I

CE2 accessibility options

Question: This might not be right on topic, but I’m hoping to receive an answer by e-mail. My daughter, eight, has cerebral palsy and can use only her left hand. She is learning to type using a left hand Dvorak keyboard layout (I just reconfigure Win95 and have switched her