April 16, 1998

Datawindow print dialog

Question: How can I get the Windows 95 print dialog box todisplay instead of the print setup dialog usingprintsetup()? Answer: You have to build your own custom dialog window. The

Text files with MFC

Question: I have been reading Visual C++ 5 in 21 Days while trying to learn how to use the Visual C++ user interface, and I have been trying to find

System commands

Question: Is there a way for me to issue system commands (for example, DOS commands: dir, md temp, etc.) from within a C++ program? Answer: You can use the C

How do I get a null-terminate string in PB?

Question: When I use Windows API functions in PB, the null-terminate string is often needed. For example, when I use GetSaveFileName,the parameter lpstrFilter is really a trouble to me. Please

Image Change Script

Question: I am trying to get an image change script to be downward compatible, but Internet Explorer 3.0 does not recognize MouseOvers. Is there another way to do an image

Accessing individual pixels

Question: I’m developing a VB program that requires manipulation of pictures. I can read them in and display them without any problem, but I have no way (that I can

Client Licensing

Question: What is the most cost-effective engine and method for licensing clients in client/server applications? Answer: For PowerBuilder applications, the runtime license for clients is free. You can have a

Virtual functions

Question: If I have an abstract base class with a pure virtual function called get_data(), how do I declare the function in inherited classes to have different return types than

Powerbuilder import utilities

Question: I would like to know if there are any PB import utilities that can import Excel files into a datawindow, datastore, or database table. Answer: PowerBuilder 6 can import