April 16, 1998

Datawindow print dialog

Question: How can I get the Windows 95 print dialog box todisplay instead of the print setup dialog usingprintsetup()? Answer: You have to build your own custom dialog window. The

Different develop/deploy operating systems

Question: What are the issues involved, if any, if your development environment uses Windows NT and you want to deploy the application to a Windows 95 environment? Answer: There are

Datawindow column sorting

Question: I am looking for a way to display an arrowin the the “sorted column” heading to indicatethe direction and column sorted. This functionality can be seen in MS-Exchange. Answer:


Question: Can I change the font size of the ToolBar text for the application (not the development painters)? Answer: No. The font size is taken from the user’s operating system

Scaling DW

Question: How can I scale down a DW object? Why is the DW object Ruler inch size much bigger than a real inch size? Answer: You can scale a datawindow

Powerbuilder / application directory

Question: How do I get the application directory for a PB5-16 app? Answer: You can use the API call GetCurrentDirectory when your application starts to find out its home directory.

Unions in C++

Question: I am trying to find some information on Unions in C++, specifically syntax and some type of example and perhaps a discussion as to when and why they are

Draw order of dynamic datawindow objects

Question: How can I control the draw order (i.e., BringToFront, SendToBack) of datawindow objects dynamically created in the deatil band? Answer: At design time you can layer objects by using