April 20, 1998

Scheduling A Visual Basic app on NT

Question: I have a VB app that was running on Windows 95 and using the scheduler included with Microsoft Plus. All was well. Now our company is switching to an

Automatic logon problems in NT 3.51

Question: We are running a SCADA package on an NT 3.51 machine at a mine. Since we often have power failures, the PC reboots itself and then requires the operator


Question: If I ftp to an AS400, I can run a program on it by typing quote rcmd call . Is it possible for me to do the same thing

Output to I/O port under NT 4.0

Question: Please kindly advise how to output to a PC’s I/O port address: &H158 using Visual C++ under NT 40. For your information, we used to use outp() using C

File version information under NT

Question: I am using the GetFileVersionInfoSize, GetFileVersionInfo, and VerQueryValue APIs to get the file version of third-party applications. In all cases, GetFileVersionInfoSize returns a large number, but when I query

Rebooting NT from VB

Question: How do I reboot (with an option to force) inside of Win NT? I know about the ExitWindowsEx API call, which works fine in Windows 95, but unfortunately this

Windows programming

Question: We use NT 4 WS as the client to our PeopleSoft (Oracle) application, and we need to pick off the information contained on the panel fields. We can easily