April 30, 1998

ASCII Value Conversions

Question: How can I convert an integer ascii representationof a number to its character equivalent in astring form. For example A= 72 What procedure will take in int 72 and

Java Pausing Abilities

Question: I want to make my Java program pause for a specified amount of time, but I don’t want to use a threading implementation. How can I do this? Answer:

Garbage collection process

Question: If i have a code like this in the while loop while (true){ ldt_date = new java.util.Date() …} Will the ldt_date variable be initialized with new location in

Byte to string conversion

Question: A variable retrieves its contents in the byte form, since I require to convert into the string format . Which is the method used in java or rather how

Setting icon image for dialogs in java

Question: How can we set icon images for the dialogs? Answer: There is currently (as of Java 1.1 and 1.2beta3) no way to set icon images for dialogs. On most