May 12, 1998

Roll Your Own

If you are rolling your own controls in VB5 to support applications dealing with databases, consider putting a “Valid” property, “Validation” event, and a “Required” property on your controls. The Required property will assist you in determining whether or not a text box, for example, can be left blank and

Date field EditMasks

Question: Using an Editmask on a date field, PowerBuilder does not allow a date greater than 12/31/2999. We would like to allow users to enter a ‘high date’ of 12/31/9999 and still use or simulate an editmask or MM/DD/YYYY. Answer: I would suggest using the edit field as a null


Question: Can you have more than one JavaScript per page? If so, how do you do it? Answer: Yes. You can have more than one script block per page as long as each block is enclosed in a complete set of

Insert row drop-down datawindow

Question: How do I insert a row in a drop-down datawindow in PowerBuilder? Answer: You need to use a function of the datawindow control called GetChild. This function returns a pointer to a Child or Nested datawindow. Once you have a handle to the child datawindow you can call InsertRow

Migrating from Powertool to PFC

Question: We have an application that uses Powertool as a class library. We want to move to PFC. Do you have any suggestions on how to accomplish this task? Is this a good option? Can we just use PFC for future development? Answer: My recommendation would be to swap to

Chart Creation

Question: How can I simply turn a monotonous 2-D table into a 2-D chart representation using JavaScript language? Or do I have to use Java for this purpose? Answer: Sorry. This can’t be done using JavaScript alone. Your best bet is to use one of the many commercial or shareware