May 26, 1998

How to use a pointer to a pointer to an int

Question: How do you use a pointer to a pointer to an int?Like this: ————–int **IntPtr;————– How do you access the value “underneath” two pointers? Answer: You can deference a


Question: On a test in college an instructor asked if it was possible to multiply and divide pointers. In the book we are using it says nothing about it, and

String arrays and pointers in C++

Question: I declared a string array, char *cities[15];, to hold the names of 15 cities. I want to allow the user to enter the 15 cities, but I do not

Casting CDECL_ to an int*

Question: Is there any way of casting the CDECL_ type to *int? Answer: No, because CDECL_ is not a type. It’s a calling convention. Calling conventions specify how arguments are

C++ (MFC)

Question: I am a student learning to do C++ programming with MFC. I have used InvalidateRect to update a particular area in a program. I thought invalidating reduced the flickering

OnMouseOver in Visual C++

Question: I have found many resources discussing the OnMouseOver event in JavaScript. I would like to know if this event is available in VC++ in any capacity, whether through an

General Protection Fault

Question: #include #include void main(){ randomize(); const int max_num=1000; int value[max_num]={0}; const num_word_per_line=8; cout