June 15, 1998

Getting Application List

Question: How can I get a list of currently running applications and, more importantly, handles to their windows? Answer: For that you have to use the Windows API call, EnumWindows.

Max Calculation

Question: How do you select the maximum value of a column in a DBGrid when displayed through a query? (query SQL:select max(CustNo) from customer, and get error message:”the table is

Multiple Inheritance

Question: I read somewhere that Object Pascal, the language used in Delphi, does not support multiple inheritance. Is this true? Answer: Yes, this is true. Object Pascal’s inheritance model follows

Error Creating Window

Question: In my Delphi 1.0 application, when I open a form (e.g. ClientForm.Show) I get an error message: “Error creating window.” This error occurs when several forms (nine or ten

Access Violation Error

Question: I developed a database using AS400 components. Everything compiled and it was working for awhile. I have not changed anything in the project and now whenever I close the

Recommended Delphi Books

Question: I am looking for a good introduction book to Delphi. I know Turbo Pascal, but I am still a beginner in the field of OOP and in the field

Computing Number of the Week

Question: I want to compute the number of the week. Thanks in advance PLM Answer: This is pretty basic stuff. If you want the current week of the month, a

Delphi SQL Parameters

Question: Is it possible to use a parameter on the left side of an equality in a WHERE clause? For example: SELECT * FROM TblName WHERE:parm1 = :parm2 When I

ListBoxes and ItemData

Question: How can I expose the ItemData property of a ListBox to use it for storing longint data that corresponds to each item in the list in Delphi 3.0? I