July 17, 1998

Control Arrays are Collections

Most VB4 programmers know they can access a form’s control collection using a For Each loop. Many, however, are not aware that individual control arrays are actually collections. This knowledge

Support a Font the Printer Doesn’t

Often users print from applications that support a font the printer doesn’t. An error occurs if an application uses a statement such as Printer.Print SomethingToPrint following a Printer.FontName = FontName

Center Forms with Taskbar Visible

Just about every VB developer uses the Move (Screen.Width – Width) 2, (Screen.Height – Height) 2 method to center the forms on screen. However, when the user has the Windows

Set a Flag to True/False

When you want to set a flag to True or False, depending on the results of a comparison, you don’t need to use an If statement like this: If x