July 20, 1998

Automating DBCC checks

Question: I need to run DBCC checks on my databases every week, but I was advised not to use the databasewizards in MS SQL 6.5. Can DBCCs be setup to


Question: I am trying to back up a database to a disk backup device over a network. When I attempt my backup, I encounter an error 5 ? Access denied.

Identity Primary Key column

Question: I have a recurring problem inserting rows into tables that have a column that is “int IDENTITY PRIMARY KEY.” At some point in the life of the table, I

Color Dialog (Common Dialog)

Question: How can I use the CHOOSECOLOR WIN32 API with Powerbuilder? Answer: Create a custom user object and declare the following local structure:long lstructsizeulong hwndownerulong hinstancelong rgbresultblob lpcustcolorslong flagslong lcustdatalong

Royalty fee

Question: I’d like to know if there’s any royaltyto be paid when I distribute the applications I did in PowerBuilder. Answer: No, you can distribute PB client applications royalty-free. You

Formatting output

Question: I’m trying to format the output of the select query that I have done. The fields in the database are too large to parse easily, so they need to

Menus & Toolbars for Frame and Sheets

Question: I would like to build two toolbars on the screen. The first is one that goes along the top of the screen that is associated with the menu in