July 21, 1998

WinCE / SystemTray

Question: My question involves SystemTray controls for WinCE 2.0. I am familiar with the ActiveX controls that can use the SystemTray in Win95. However, I am not sure how to


Question: Microsoft currently has a VB5 extension to allow programming of the WinCE handheld PCs, but not for the Palm PCs. Is Microsoft planning a version of WinCE VB for

How to invoke Word from ASP

Question: I have a successful ASP application that returns data to an IE4 browser and requests that the browser display the data as an Excel spreadsheet. When I save the

ASP error ‘0115’

Question: I have MDAC 1.5 on my Windows 95 box running PWS 4.0. I get ASP ‘0115’ when trying to run any of the ASP scripts, even the samples downloaded

Data Sources

Question: Do I have to duplicate DSNs on the development PC and the Web server for Visual InterDev to work, or can I use the Data Source on the Web