July 27, 1998

C vs C++

Question: What is the main difference between Visual C and Visual C++ in Windows environments? Why would I want to use C++ instead? Is there any functional difference? Answer: Well,

Closing an application from another app

Question: How do I use one application to close another application in Windows 95? I need to overwrite a loaded DLL, so I have to close the application that loads


Question: Is it possible to make recursive subroutine calls in Java? Answer: Yes, you can make recursive method calls in Java.Just make sure you have a termination condition to avoid

C/C++ system() equivalent

Question: Does Java have a command that does what thesystem() function does in C, or a way to emulatethis action? For example, in C, system(“ls”); would call “ls” from the

Converting text to a binary code

Question: I’m using Borland C++ to perform some data conversion, and I have had some difficulties. Is it possible to convert all the text (including nonreadable text) within a text

Applets, URLs, and frames

Question: I want my Web page to have three frames: one for my applet and the other two for information. How can I make it so my applet updates both

Windows Programming (custom windows)

Question: I am trying to program my own custom controls in C++ in the old, traditional style (using WNDPROCS, etc.), and I don’t want to use ActiveX. I’d like to