August 2, 1998

Adding a JButton to the Cells of a Jtable

sing the Swing JTable class can quickly become a stickybusiness when you want to customize it to your specific needs. First you must become familiar with how the JTable class is organized. Individual cells are rendered by TableCellRenderer implementations. The table contents are represented by an implementation of the TableModel

Handling E-mail with HTML, CDO, and SMTP, Part Two

n part one, I showed you how to create a basic SMTP e-mail system on an intranet.  In this portion, you will use Active Server Pages code to read the mail from the mailbox and put all the relevant fields into an Access database. If you haven’t already done so,

The Trouble with Triggers, Part I

hat is a trigger? How does it work? When should one use them, and how does one debug them? Last, what are the enhancements that were made in SQL Server version 7? Let’s explore some of these issues. What Is a Trigger?A trigger is a piece of code that SQL