August 5, 1998

Microhelp and the Status Bar

Question: I’ve heard that the MDI Frame status bar can be subdivided so that multiple messages can be sent there. The only two methods of manipulating the status bar that I have found is, of course, the SetMicroHelp() function in PB and the Status Bar Service function of_SetStatusBar() available in

Using Animated GIF

Question: Can I use an animated GIF in my application? Answer: There is no simple way to use animated GIFs inside of PowerBuilder. However, there is a way that you can use the graphics and animation from the GIF in your application. Basically an animated GIF is a series of

sql user name

Question: How can I find out the user name at SQL prompt. Answer: In SQL Server, you can write select user_name()

Tab Control

Question: I have a popup window with tab control (four tabs). I need to specify at open time which tab page gets control. It always opens tab 1 no matter which tab was requested with SelectedTab. Answer: Try posting an event to change the tab.

SQL and arrays of data

Question: I need to enter up to 1,600 measured data points into a SQL database. Each point makes one record. Is there a way to enter all of these records into the database without making 1,600 hits on the database? Is there some sort of block data entry? Right now

Converting txt Files

Question: How can I import a delimited text file into a SQL Sever table? Answer: Welcome to the world of BCP. Included with SQL Server, the Bulk Copy Program will import or export text files fast and efficiently. It allows you to specify the layout of the file by using

Alwyas on Top

Question: How can you make your application “always on top,” just like the Windows clock application can? I use PB 4.0 and Windows 3.1. Answer: Use the SetPosition command to make your window stay on top of all other windows.

Local External Functions

Question: Instead of distributing a user object (and its functions) as a PBD, I want to distribute it asa DLL (build runtime library, machine code),and then access its functionality in other PowerBuilder applications by using the Declare ..Local External Function syntax. The application seems to recognize the DLL file (I

Using ActiveX controls in PowerBuilder 6.0

Question: I would like to know how to find information(books, online documentation) on using ActiveXcontrols in PowerBuilder. Answer: I find the best way to learn how to use a new ActiveX control is to first use it in Visual Basic 5. Then once I have the syntax right in VB,

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