August 10, 1998

Streaming Media Bitrates

Question: Do you know of any way to find out the connection speed of a site’s visitor and then stream videos at the appropriate bitrate? I’m thinking specifically of RealPlayer.

Configuring a CD-ROM

Question: I have formatted my machine, which does not have any operating system. I used DOS 6.22 to boot the system and was planning to install Win 95. But my

Passing Arrays

Question: Can you pass an array directly into a cookie file, or do you have to convert it to a string first? If you have to convert it to a

Copy to Clipboard

Question: I want to copy some text in an HTML page to the clipboard when a button is clicked. Is there a method to do this in an onClick event?

Network Protocols — NetBeui

Question: What would happen if I removed the basic NetBeui protocol on an NT network and enabled TCP/IP as the lone and default one? Is that advisable? Answer: As with

Logging in to WinNT4.0 Svr

Question: Some of my users cannot logon to a new WinNT 4.0 server with the standard account I have created for them. Some users get the logon dialog box that

Inserting Text at Cursor Position

Question: How can I insert text in a textarea at the current cursor position ? I am able to insert it at the end, for example: textarea.value = textarea.value +

Creating Directories

Question: Is there any way to create a directory from within a PowerBuilder application without using the RUN command? Or is there a way to get the RUN command to

NT 4.0 Resource Kit

Question: I have been told that the NT 4.0 Resource Kit has a tool to turn an executable, such as one created in VB5, into a service running on NT