August 17, 1998

Percentage of whole, upon a group

Question: Is it possible to display a grouped column as a percentage of the whole? Say I have a table that has two fields: ACCESS_TYP CHRG————————- 10 1.00 10 2.00 11 45.00 10 7.00 11 5.00 But I want to display it as: ACCESS_TYP summary percentage whole———————————————- 10 10.00 16.66


Question: What is the best path to follow if I wanted to learn to program? (VB, then assembly, then …)I need to know what to start with so I can move up according to experience. Answer: There is no one way to answer this. I can just speak from my

Overloading + operator

Question: I’ve been working on the + operator in my string class. I came across an interesting dilemma: the following code doesn’t call any of my + operators.For example: String st1;st1 = “Hello” + “world”; Do I need a special kind of function to handle the type of format? I


Question: A book I have purchased on C++ programming describes how to make menus. It says to use the Resource Workshop that came with my Borland 4.0 compiler. However, whenever I make a menu, it compiles and runs without error, but it never shows or uses the menu. Is there

Error, stack overflow

Question: I work in Borland C++. My program compiles very well, but it exits it with the “stack overflow” error even before executing the first command. Answer: It won’t be possible to troubleshoot this without knowing more about your program, but I can give you some general guidelines. Whenever you

C++ origins

Question: Who invented C++, and why is it so popular? Answer: C++ was created as an extension to C by AT&T researcher Bjarne Stroustrup, who built the first version of C++ in 1983. The reason C++ is so popular is because it provides additional ways to organize the logic behind

Direct Linked Librarys

Question: I do a lot of programming in Visual Basic 5. I develop my own components and DLLs. Most of the components I develop are for use with PC data acquisision cards. I can program in C++ (4.51) and need to develop programming to this level. My question is three


Question: I’m attempting to write a command line program which has switch functionality (such as the DOS switches). I’m not sure how to code the program to accept the switches following the program call. It would run something like this: sample.exe /n /d: /t blah blah:blah:blah Answer: Your program may

Using the Exec…() function

Question: How do you use the Exec() function to run another executable program out of your C++ application? The help files have syntax on this, but I need someone to step through everything slowly and clearly. I can’t figure out how to use the different versions of Exec() and how

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