August 17, 1998

Percentage of whole, upon a group

Question: Is it possible to display a grouped column as a percentage of the whole? Say I have a table that has two fields: ACCESS_TYP CHRG————————- 10 1.00 10 2.00


Question: A book I have purchased on C++ programming describes how to make menus. It says to use the Resource Workshop that came with my Borland 4.0 compiler. However, whenever

Error, stack overflow

Question: I work in Borland C++. My program compiles very well, but it exits it with the “stack overflow” error even before executing the first command. Answer: It won’t be

C++ origins

Question: Who invented C++, and why is it so popular? Answer: C++ was created as an extension to C by AT&T researcher Bjarne Stroustrup, who built the first version of

Direct Linked Librarys

Question: I do a lot of programming in Visual Basic 5. I develop my own components and DLLs. Most of the components I develop are for use with PC data


Question: I’m attempting to write a command line program which has switch functionality (such as the DOS switches). I’m not sure how to code the program to accept the switches

Using the Exec…() function

Question: How do you use the Exec() function to run another executable program out of your C++ application? The help files have syntax on this, but I need someone to

Viewing referential constraint

Question: Is there any way to see/select/query referential constraints on tables? I have some constraints on a table that I did not create, and I want to see what rules

Process class

Question: Using VCafe 2.8 in a Win95 enviornment, I’m trying to spawn a local executable during the runtime of a Java application. I’ve tried using: Process p = Runtime.getRuntime().exec(strCmd); but