August 20, 1998

Setting z-index

Question: I am having problems setting a lower z-index for a layer that contains a combo box. All of the elements in that layer are covered by a higher z-index

Printing from Browser

Question: Is there a way to print an HTML page (perhaps using VBScript or JavaScript) without the user clicking on the print button? Answer: Ah, printing! You would think that,

Running Out-of-Process Components

To run executables and objects from Word and Excel from Active Server Pages, you need to change the value of an IIS4 Metabase property called AspAllowOutOfProcComponents to True. The easiest

Limit Your Cookie Size

There are a number of important limitations on the use of cookies by Web site developers. This is because cookies are intended to be used only for infrequent storage of

Visual InterDev: Data Sources Names

For Visual InterDev to work properly, you need to duplicate the data source names (DSNs). The trouble is that, in Visual InterDev 1.0 (VID), the workstation and the Web server