August 21, 1998

VB Version IsDate Differences

Under VB3, IsDate returns True only if the string corresponds to the date format indicated by the “Regional” or “International” settings in the Control Panel. Under VB4 and VB5, however,

Assert() is Dangerous

The standard assert() macro tests its argument. If the result evaluates to 0, the standard abort() routine is called. Back in C heyday, it was a very useful debugging tool

How to Avoid Code Bloat When Using Templates

If you are using templates in your code, you are probably aware of their invaluable advantages. However, templates can cause a code bloat: The compiler reduplicates the template’s body for

Explicit Template Instantiation

In large projects, where hundreds of source files have to be compiled on every build, the long compilation time can be reduced significantly if templates are explicitly instantiated all at

The Type of a Class Template

A template name is not a type. When you need a template functioning as a full type (for example: to serve as a base class or as a function argument),

Template Specialization

Templates are generic due to their type unawareness. However, there are cases where you need a special behavior for a specific type. C++ supports these cases by means of template

JavaScript Switch Statement

The latest version of JavaScript used by both Netscape Navigator 4.x and Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.x includes a C-like switch statement that closely mirrors the SELECT CASE statement available in

Create Horizontal and Vertical Lines Using DHTML

It’s possible to dynamically create horizontal and vertical lines and rectangles using Internet Explorer 4.0 Dynamic HTML to alter the width and/or height of a single pixel image. Using this