August 26, 1998

Related Database

Question: I’m trying to make outer join by the query builder in Delphi 2.0 but the only active option is inner join. I want to use left outer join and right outer join although I tried to use Paradox, Dbase, and Interbase. How can I create UNION query in Delphi

Running an EXE file via a Delphi App

Question: I want to be able to run an EXE file on a button click in one of my Delphi applications. Is it possible to do this? Where do I declare the file I want to run, and how do I put it into basic code? Answer: If you’re running

Don’t Show Form at Startup of System Tray App

Question: I tried your procedure for placing my application on the system tray and it works fine. My problem is that it opens the form1 when the application is executed, but I do not want to open it until the user clicks on the menu item on the right-click menu

Component Events

Question: How can I add a new event to an existing component (for example, OnScroll to a TTreeView) without building a new ComponentClass? Answer: You can replace existing event handlers with custom event handlers. A good example is replacing the standard Application.OnHint with your own procedure to display hints in

Increase Query Performance

Question: I have a form that uses one data source and one query component. The data set of the data source is the query. Depending on the process, I assign different filter strings to the query during run time. When I run the application, the record access is slow. How