August 27, 1998

BDE Configuration

Question: I’ve developed a database using Microsoft Access, exporting the files to a Paradox 5 format. Now, the application I’ve developed that utilizes this database is currently running on two machines. The first machine, which I used to develop the application, is running Access and Delphi 2. The other machine

Putting Hints in Status Bar

Question: I am using the application.onhint example from the Delphi help files to put all hints in my status bar. It works on all but one form. I’m using the Client Server version of Delphi 3. Thanks in advance. Neil GriffithsJunior Developer, Information Solution LTDIreland Answer: I’ll answer the question

No Cutting or Copying Text in Browser Window

Question: Is there a way to keep users from selecting, cutting, or copying text in HTML within a browser window? Or is there a way to embed text within HTML so the text cannot be copied? Answer: Unfortunately, no. However, if you want to make it harder for people to

JavaScript Compatibility

Question: As a Web designer, one of my biggest struggles is JavaScript compatibility with previous browser versions (such as IE3, IE4, N2, N3, and N4). Is there a way I can test and debug my code under all these platforms and assure their correctness. I thought of installing all these