August 29, 1998

Create Timeline Templates

When utilizing project management tools, create a timeline template that models your development methodology. Set up the dependencies and defaults within this template. Then you can copy and paste it

ANALYZE Your Visual Source Safe Database

Set up a task in your scheduler of choice to run the ANALYZE.EXE programagainst your Visual Source Safe (VSS) database at least once a month.This tool allows VSS to check

Who’s Backing Up Your Source Code?

Utilizing version control systems is very important, but if no one is backing up your version control database, you are needlessly stepping close to the brink of disaster. Most source

Better Alternatives to Macros

Macros in C++ are better avoided. They are unsafe, hard to debug, and may bloat your .exe files. C++ offers significantly better alternatives to them: 1. Function-like macros should be

Before You Resort to Void *…

Void * can serve as a generic data pointer, yet it suffers from the well-known ailments associated with pointers: it can be NULL or a dangling pointer. Furthermore, it usually

Default Template Argument

Like ordinary functions, templates can have default type arguments. A good example is STL’s vector. It actually has two arguments–the second one is an allocator class template. Since an allocator