August 30, 1998

Unload a DLL or EXE to debug custom components

Question: I am creating my own in-process ActiveX DLL in VB. I want to create an instance of the object in one of my ASP pages. My problem is that I am trying to debug my DLL and I can’t replace it when I make changes. The DLL is loaded

Applying procedure to every file on a drive

Question: For EVERY filename present on a hard drive, I need to convert the path and filename to a string and then evaluate the string for certain conditions. If those conditions are True, modify the string and append the string to “DataBase.txt. Otherwise, skip the file and move on to

CDONTS.NewMail does not send

Question: Hi, I have set up SMTP and I’m trying to send e-mail. It appears to work, and reports no errors, but the mail is not sent to the recipient, just placed in the mail directory on the NT box. Answer: There are a few places where you can look

VB and ISP and Web-based analysis

Question: I have numerous data analysis programs written in VB4/5 that I would like to put on a server for server-based data analysis. It would require uploading data files from the client (through a browser), then performing data analysis based on user requirements, then downloading data and generating plots for