September 11, 1998

Exceptions are Always Passed by Value

The exception handling (EH) mechanism disables the possibility of passing a thrown exception by reference or through a pointer. This is due to the way this mechanism is implemented: when

Enhancing Performance of Legacy Software

When you port pure C code to a C++ compiler, you may discover slight performance degradation. This is not a fault in the programming language or the compiler, but a

Use Toolbar-Style Title Bars

To make a form use a small toolbar-style title bar, set the form’s WS_EX_TOOLWINDOW extended style: Declare Function GetWindowLong Lib “user32” _ Alias “GetWindowLongA” ( _ ByVal hwnd As Long,

Use a Struct Instead of a Long Argument List

Functions having a long list of arguments such as: void retrieve(const string& title, const string& author, int ISBN, int year, bool& inStore); can become a maintenance problem, since their argument

Implement a Binary Tree

A binary search tree can be useful when you have to traverse a lot of data in sorted order. As this CBinarySearchTree class demonstrates, you can implement binary search trees

Keeping Things Fresh

Sometimes you might need a browser to keep reloading the latest version of a page automatically. A good example of this is a page that displays an image from a