September 18, 1998

DataWindow Print Single Page?

Question: Can I print only one page in datawindow? Answer: Yes, you can set the print range of a datawindow, just like in Word or Excel. If you set the

Displaying the Row Number in a SELECT Query

Question: How can I display the row number in the results of a SELECT query? For example: Select empname from employees where city = “toronto” I would like to show

Inner Joins

Question: Is there a limit on the number of tables that can be joined in SQL? Answer: In SQL Server version 6.5 there is an upper limit of 16 tables


Question: What does the PL stand for in PL/SQL? Answer: The PL stands for procedural. SQL is traditionally set-oriented. In many situations, a significant amount of procedural code must also

Creating Flexible Reports

Question: I have a problem making reports flexible. Let us assume we have a standard report, but it changes according to the situation. How can I allow users to change

using COUNT and GROUP BY with zero-values

Question: I’m trying to query our Human Resources database to find the number of temporary employees in each department. I’m using the following SQL statement: select count (*)from employeewhere status

Titles of SQL reports

Question: Is there a way to title report outputs in SQL? Answer: If you are creating a quick and dirty report, you can always add a title simply by putting

SQLServer Y2K Testing

Question: I have been asked as a SQLServer DBA to certify SQLServer 6.5 as Y2K compliant, apart from any statements from Microsoft. I am aware that Microsoft indicates that all

Problem with Filter function and char()

Question: I want to filter out data from a datawindow during runtime. I have a sle-field in which the user enters a search string (for example, “SM”). This should be