September 28, 1998

E-mail Address Syntax

Question: We want to begin collecting customer e-mail addresses from our Web site. Our current file system is mainframe based, storing all data in uppercase format. Are e-mail addresses case sensitive? Do we need to take measures to store this field in an upper/lowercase format or would all uppercase be

Optional Parameters in ASP

Question: In my Visual Basic ActiveX DLLs, some of the methods that I created for my objects use optional parameters. When I attempt to call these methods, I receive a syntax error from IIS. I have tried referencing the method using both of the following methods: myObject.Load( ,Param2Val) and myObject.Load(Param2

Side-by-side Tables

Question: I have noticed that some sites have tables that sit side-by-side. I can never duplicate this behavior with my HTML scripts. Do you have any suggestions? Answer: Positioning two tables side-by-side usually involves three tables, not two. There will be a “parent” table that has one row and two