October 5, 1998

Add the "?" Button to a Form

The WhatsThisButton property returns or sets a value that determines whether the WhatsThisButton appears in the title bar of a Form object during run time. For the WhatsThisButton to appear

Show 3-D Text Messages

If you want to print text on an object with 3-D effects, use this subroutine to convert fonts into 3-D fonts with borders. In this routine, the user can define

Switch to Another App and Close It

Use the built-in AppActivate command to switch to another application easily if you know its title. You can even close the application programmatically: ‘This will close appPrivate Sub CloseApp (AppTitle

Add Right-Click Functionality

By default, the right-click functionality needed for What’s This? Help is not available in VB. Selecting a menu command from a context menu created for the button lets you display

Final Release

Question: What are the big differences between the March pre-release beta and the final release of Visual Interdev? Regards,Brooks Martin Answer: I suppose the biggest difference is that the March

Logging off a Web site

Question: I have a Web site that forces a login with NT security. (Thus the person has to have an NT account to login.) I want to include a logoff

Returning data in different file type

Question: We have an ASP application that queries a database and returns the data to formatted pages. The user would also like the data returned in a .CSV format for

Netscape Authentication failure with IIS 4.0

Question: Hi, we have a secure server that has anonymous Web Access removed from the relevant directories. This works fine with Internet Explorer, but with Netscape it fails completely. Whatever