October 5, 1998

Add the "?" Button to a Form

The WhatsThisButton property returns or sets a value that determines whether the WhatsThisButton appears in the title bar of a Form object during run time. For the WhatsThisButton to appear

Show 3-D Text Messages

If you want to print text on an object with 3-D effects, use this subroutine to convert fonts into 3-D fonts with borders. In this routine, the user can define

Switch to Another App and Close It

Use the built-in AppActivate command to switch to another application easily if you know its title. You can even close the application programmatically: ‘This will close appPrivate Sub CloseApp (AppTitle

Add Right-Click Functionality

By default, the right-click functionality needed for What’s This? Help is not available in VB. Selecting a menu command from a context menu created for the button lets you display

Netscape Authentication failure with IIS 4.0

Question: Hi, we have a secure server that has anonymous Web Access removed from the relevant directories. This works fine with Internet Explorer, but with Netscape it fails completely. Whatever

Returning data in different file type

Question: We have an ASP application that queries a database and returns the data to formatted pages. The user would also like the data returned in a .CSV format for

Logging off a Web site

Question: I have a Web site that forces a login with NT security. (Thus the person has to have an NT account to login.) I want to include a logoff

Final Release

Question: What are the big differences between the March pre-release beta and the final release of Visual Interdev? Regards,Brooks Martin Answer: I suppose the biggest difference is that the March