October 28, 1998

16/32 Bit Strings

Question: Is there a difference in the way that strings are passed between an application written in Delphi 1.0 and a DLL and between an application written in Delphi 3.0

Single Quote Marks in a SQL Query

Question: I have built several pages that use VBScript to pull information from a Microsoft Access database. My problem is that if a user tries to use a single quote

Dynamically Change Another Opened Window

Question: I am having trouble creating a site where customers can click something in a parent window and have a picture appear in another child window. I then want customers

Selecting and Moving Parts of a String

Question: I have two TField400s. The first TField400 contains the value “12345678” and other TField400 contains the value “11111111”. I want to move the “5678” from the first TField400 and

Determining if a ToElement Exists

Question: In a VBScript function I assign the window.event.ToElement to an object for some functionality. The problem is that if the mouse is moved outside of the browser window, the