October 28, 1998

insertAdjacentHTML Causing Inserted HTML to Appear

Question: I need to figure out a way to insert a chunk of HTML after the begin tag of the body element without causing the HTML that is in view to be scrolled to make space for the new HTML to be inserted. I am implementing a “Line Up” function,

Determining if a ToElement Exists

Question: In a VBScript function I assign the window.event.ToElement to an object for some functionality. The problem is that if the mouse is moved outside of the browser window, the toElement causes an “object not found” to occur. How can I check if the toElement exists before using it, or

Selecting and Moving Parts of a String

Question: I have two TField400s. The first TField400 contains the value “12345678” and other TField400 contains the value “11111111”. I want to move the “5678” from the first TField400 and place it in the second TField400 so the value in the second TField400 will be “11115678” instead of “11111111”. Answer:

Event Handling for Dynamically Added Objects

Question: I have used InsertAdjacentHTML to insert a dynamic number of images onto a page in Internet Explorer 4. Having given the new images a single ID, I can refer to images in the script using I[0], I[1], etc., and alter properties for each image. However, events seem to be

Dynamically Change Another Opened Window

Question: I am having trouble creating a site where customers can click something in a parent window and have a picture appear in another child window. I then want customers to be able to click something else in the parent window and have another picture show up in the same

Single Quote Marks in a SQL Query

Question: I have built several pages that use VBScript to pull information from a Microsoft Access database. My problem is that if a user tries to use a single quote ‘ in the form supplied, SQL blows up because of an unterminated single quote mark in the query string. Is

16/32 Bit Strings

Question: Is there a difference in the way that strings are passed between an application written in Delphi 1.0 and a DLL and between an application written in Delphi 3.0 and a DLL? For example, are the strings in Delphi 3.0 null terminated? Answer: Yes, there is a definite difference