November 2, 1998

Radio Button

Question: How can I make the contents of a table change when the user selects a different radio button? Just like “Button” input type has an event called “onClick,” is there a similar event for radio buttons? I have tried “onSelect” and “onChange” but cannot get it to work.Thanks. Answer:

ASP InterDev problem with filter

Question: Hello from France,I’m on Windows NT4.0 with SQL Server 6.5and Visual Interdev. I use the DataForm wizard to connect to a data base. When I’m on the xxxxlist.asp with an active filter, I can select any one of the list items but I obtain always the first record. Answer:

Migrate Access97 Apps with InterDev

Question: I am trying to migrate an Access97 database application to a Web-based application. I bought InterDev because it purportedly makes this process easy. But I cannot create a form with InterDev 6.0 that doesn’t error out and give me no clue where the error is. My form should have

Customize VI6 DTC

Question: I know how to use the new RecordSet control from VI6 to display records into a Grid; but how do I implement a query at runtime? For example: SQL = “Select * from Customers” SQL = sql & ” Where ID =” Mycriteria How would I pass this query

SQL 7 from a Database Administrator’s Perspective

he changes that Microsoft has made to SQL Server version 7 are great enough that how you will function as a database administrator could change significantly. Here are some areas that DBAs might want to investigate. Creating a DatabaseOne of the most basic functions of a DBA is the responsibility