November 11, 1998

Suppress Trailing Zeros on Output

The format string “%f” in printf() call displays trailing zeros of its argument: float num = 1.33; printf( “%f”, num); // output: 1.330000 To get rid of the trailing zeros,

Absolute Layout Manager

Question: Do you know of any LayoutManager that would allow me to lay out components exactly where I want them, or any other way of doing so? Answer: There is

Converting IP Address Formats

Question: Is there a Java equivalent class or method for the Unix Internet address manipulation routines like inet_ntoa()? Answer: Java does not have direct analogs for the inet functions that

RMI method invocation

Question: I want my RMI server application to populate a java.awt.List with data on the client with a method invocation. What’s the best way to do this? Answer: When writing

JTable Headers

Question: I would like to add an icon to the header of a column of a JTable indicating the direction the column is currently sorted. Answer: It can be pretty

Installing Own Colormap

Question: How can I make my Java application install its own colormap? Answer: The ability to allow a Java application to install its own colormap is not supported by the

HTML File to Download CAB File

Question: I have a CAB file produced by Wise Installation System 7.0 that contains an application setup.exe. I need to create an HTML file that will download the CAB file.