December 7, 1998

Primary Key Identity

Question: I have installed Service Pack 4 for SQL Server and Service Pack 4 for NT. I still receive this same error. Your Q&A suggests that this problem was fixed

Response window looses focus in DW

Question: I have a datawindow with a couple of fields where users can double-click to see a code table. The code table window is a response window. The problem is

PBD to PBL Conversion

Question: Are there any tools that can generate back from PBD to PBL? Answer: There are no tools that I know of to reverse-engineer a PBD to a PBL. In

Import Objects in Power Builder 5.0

Question: How can I import objects in code? I need to import to a library objects such as userobject and window, and not only datawindow. I use the function libraryexport

Third-Party Spell Checker

Question: I’m looking for a third-party library that does spell check and has some grammar rules. Answer: You have two solutions to this problem. One: you can purchase a third-party