December 22, 1998

Java’s Alternative to Function Pointers

Although Java borrows a lot of concepts and syntax from C++, it also leaves out some of C++’s main features to meet its goal of simplicity. For example, Java excluded memory pointers and function pointers from its arsenal. Function pointers allow flexibility in method invocation at run time. A pointer

The Lifetime of a Bound Temporary Object

You can safely bind a reference to a temporary object. The temporary object to which you bind the reference persists for the lifetime of the reference. class C { int j;public: C(int i) : j(i) {}};void main() { const C& cr = C(5);//bind a reference to a temp; temp’s destruction

Adding Tooltips in Microsoft Internet Explorer

Although you can’t add tooltips to links in Netscape Navigator, you can easily add them in Microsoft Internet Explorer. All you have to do is add a TITLE attribute to the tag and IE will automatically display this text as a tooltip when users hover their mouse over the link.