January 11, 1999


Question: How do I change the current user logged in the NT box programatically from the client without rebooting it? Answer: The short answer is that you can’t. If you

Windows Registry

Question: I would like to be able to run an application on shut down from either NT or 95/98. Is it possible to set a path to my .exe file

Button resizing

Question: How do I force a java.awt.Button to resize to the size I want, instead of packing according to the size of its string label? Itried button.setSize(x,y) but it didn’t

Creating an Editor Like MS Notepad

Question: I am working on a project where I am supposed to create a Microsoft notepad-like program. Do you have any tips on how I should go about creating it?

Device Driver Files

Question: I plan to clean up my laptop. Before doing so, I’d like to copy all necessary device driver files to a separate diskette. How do I track down all

Net Functions

Question: I want to programatically add a user to the Administrators group. The API NetLocalGroupAddMembers() works when adding my user to English Windows NT, but will not add the user