January 11, 1999

Net Functions

Question: I want to programatically add a user to the Administrators group. The API NetLocalGroupAddMembers() works when adding my user to English Windows NT, but will not add the user to Spanish Windows NT because the Administrators group name is in Spanish–the API takes the group name as parameter. How

Device Driver Files

Question: I plan to clean up my laptop. Before doing so, I’d like to copy all necessary device driver files to a separate diskette. How do I track down all the necessary device driver files before I reformat my hard drive? Answer: I really don’t recommend this. Even if you

Creating an Editor Like MS Notepad

Question: I am working on a project where I am supposed to create a Microsoft notepad-like program. Do you have any tips on how I should go about creating it? Answer: Building an editor is actually pretty simple. You just have to know what components you’re likely to need. You’ll

How to close a running .Exe using Task Manager

Question: I am developing a Web application using CGI scripts, which are being written in VC++ 5.0. Since we are in the development as well as testing stages, sometimes we have to close the running CGI script (.exe) forcefully when something goes wrong. I am unable to close/end a particular

Button resizing

Question: How do I force a java.awt.Button to resize to the size I want, instead of packing according to the size of its string label? Itried button.setSize(x,y) but it didn’t work. Answer: The easiest way to force the size of the button when packed is to subclass Button and override

Windows Registry

Question: I would like to be able to run an application on shut down from either NT or 95/98. Is it possible to set a path to my .exe file and execute it only on shut down? Answer: That would be difficult to do, especially in NT. The shutdown process


Question: How do I change the current user logged in the NT box programatically from the client without rebooting it? Answer: The short answer is that you can’t. If you want to change the current logged-on user, you must logoff of NT (not necessarily reboot) and logon as the new